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Medical Reserve Corps

A colloboration between Christian County Emergency Management
and the Chrisitan County Health Department

We are currently recruiting Christian County Medical Professionals to participate in the Medical Reserve Corps. If you should accept a position as a Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) volunteer, you could be called upon to assist with public health efforts in times of special need or disaster, e.g. during a major communicable disease outbreak, an earthquake, flood, or an act of terrorism. MRCs bring volunteers together to supplement existing local emergencypic1 plans and resources.

Members of an MRC may also want to volunteer their time throughout the year in order to promote community public health and education. Please bear in mind that this position is strictly of a volunteer nature and you would never be required to participate in any event that would cause a hardship for you with either your work or personal situation.




Types of Volunteers that we need:

MRC volunteers include medical, non-medical, and public health professionals, who are interested in strengthening the public health infrastructure and improving the preparedness and response capabilities of their local jurisdiction. MRC units identify, screen, train and organize the volunteers, and utilize them to support routine public health activities and augment preparedness and response efforts.  MRC volunteers include physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, mental health professionals, EMS professionals, respiratory therapists, other public health professionals, non-medical professionals, and others who can fill key support positions. fill support roles such as; clerical, greeters, phone operators, data entry, computer technicians, etc.people



Levels of Participation
Not everyone can devote alot of time to volunteering. But, we still need these types of professional people. In an effort to accommodate this, we have several different levels of participation and education.

Education Levels

Participation Levels

More Information:

Downloadable files for members and prospective members

Downloadable forms that are required for MRC Members


E-mail the Emergency Management Office for more information 





Mailing Address
100 W. Church Room 100
Ozark, MO 65721

Physical Address

100 W. Elm St Room 60
Ozark, MO 65721
(Judicial Building on the south side of the square






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