Christian County, Missouri

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FEMA Approved Public Safe Rooms in Christian County 

There is a total of 12 Public Safe Rooms in Christian County.

Location City Address Capacity
Billings School Billings    
Chadwick High School Chadwick 7090 State Hwy 125 Chadwick 750
Clever High School Clever 6800 Missouri 14 Clever 650
Clever Elem-Middle School Clever 400 W. Brown Street Clever 1550
Highlandville Elementary Highlandville   619
Inman Elementary Nixa 1300 N. Nicholas Rd 650
Matthews Elementary Nixa 605 S. Gregg Rd Nixa  650
Nixa Jr. High School Nixa   2,100
Ozark Community Center Ozark 1530 W. Jackson Ozark 850
Ozark Technical Community College (OTC) Nixa/Ozark 3369 W. Jackson, Ozark 1,382
Sparta School Sparta 113 Division St, Sparta 500


Safe Rooms...

A safe room is a hardened structure specifically designed to meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) criteria and provide near-absolute protection in extreme weather events, including tornadoes and hurricanes. Near-absolute protection means that, based on our current knowledge of tornadoes and hurricanes, the occupants of a safe room built in accordance with FEMA guidance will have a very high probability of being protected from injury or death.

To be considered a FEMA safe room, the structure must be designed and constructed to the guidelines specified in  FEMA P-320Taking Shelter from the Storm: Building a Safe Room for Your Home or Small Business  and FEMA P-361Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Hurricanes: Guidance for Community and Residential Safe Rooms.

 For more information on residential safe room doors, please download the Residential Tornado Safe Room Doors Fact Sheet.


Residential Safe Rooms

  • Building a Safe Room in Your House
  • Residential Funding Opportunities
  • Examples and Case Studies

Public and Community Safe Rooms

  • Community Funding Opportunities
  • Examples and Case Studies

FEMA strongly encourages homeowners and communities to build safe rooms, but cannot endorse or approve specific manufacturers or producers. Disclaimer.

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