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Weather Radios Send Life-Saving Warnings

  • January 21, 1999 - NOAA Weather Radio alerts the Superintendent of the Beebe, Arkansas school district that a tornado was moving in the direction of the school. The superintendent stopped the girl's basketball game in progress and evacuated the school. Thirty minutes later an F-3 tornado nearly leveled the building. No one was injured.   

  • May 3, 1999 - The plant manager of Norland Plastics heard a tornado warning on his NOAA Weather Radio. Even though it didn't really look bad outside he moved 85 employees to the plant's safe room. Approximately 10 minutes later a tornado hit the plant, causing major damage. Lives certainly would have been lost if not for the advance warning. Due to loud equipment inside the plant, employees had not heard the sounding outdoor storm siren.  

  • November 10, 2002 - An alert theater manager in Van Wert, Ohio was listening to warnings on his weather radio. He cleared an auditorium of movie goers in time to avoid disaster. While surveying the ruined theater, Lt. Governor Maureen O’Connor said, “There is no doubt in my mind that he saved many lives.”

  • Project Community Alert Seeks to Put Radios in the Hands of Every Resident

    Project Community Alert is a national not-for-profit corporation established to provide Emergency Managers access to a model program that can save lives and enhance the public safety in any community.

    Using partnerships with local retailers, the program offers discounted NOAA weather radios to the public.

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