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National Incident Management System

Mandatory Baseline NIMS training: This is the minimum training required by the Federal Goverment.
2010 NIMS course requirements: Once you have taken the minimum training, you will be required to take additional courses specific to your job function. For example if you are the departments PIO, 2010 requirments stipulate that you take additional PIO training.


Every year the Emergency Management Office is responsible for preparing a summary on how well the county is complying with the NIMS standards. We complete the NIMSCAST document online, and submit the report to the State and Federal Government. This report is not done by department, but on a countywide basis. So, if one department does not comply and is NOT up to date, it hurts the whole county!!

What is the NIMSCAST
The NIMS Compliance Assistance Support Tool (NIMSCAST) is designed as the premier, web-based self-assessment instrument for State, territorial, tribal, local governments to evaluate and report their jurisdiction’s achievement of all NIMS implementation activities released since 2004.

The NIMSCAST is designed for the emergency management community as a comprehensive self-assessment support tool. Using the NIMSCAST will assist the nation’s emergency management community to comply with NIMS requirements, as determined by the National Integration Center.

Additionally, HSPD-5 requires Federal Departments and agencies to make adoption of the NIMS by State and local organizations a condition for Federal preparedness assistance. The NIMSCAST facilitates the adoption of the NIMS by State, local, and tribal governments in order to meet the requirement established in HSPD-5.




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