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Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) was a result of a federal law being passed when a toxic chemical accident in Bhopal, India that killed over 2,000 people in 1984. Eight months later another toxic chemical escaped from a plant in West Virginia. In 1986, the federal government passed the “Community Right to Know Act”.
The law gave states and local government the power to compile lists of hazardous chemicals that are being stored in their communities, to provide this information to the public and emergency personnel when requested, develop emergency plans for dealing with an accident, emergency notification, and toxic chemical release reporting.
The governor appoints individuals to serve on the Missouri Emergency Response Commission (MERC). In turn each county or region must establish an LEPC to carry out the federal and sate mandate on the local level.
Representatives on the LEPC include elected officials, law enforcement, emergency management, firefighters, health & medical and owners/operators of chemical facilities.

Missouri Emergency Response Commission
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Public Notice Pursuant to 42 USC §11044

The Christian County Local Emergency Planning Committee hereby notifies the public that emergency response plan(s), material safety data sheets and inventory forms have been submitted pursuant to the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act.  These materials along with any follow-up emergency notices may be reviewed at 100 W. Elm St, Ozark upon appointment.  Contact 417-581-2126 to schedule an appointment.


Local Emergency Planning Committee Requirements

Each Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) shall include, at a minimum, representatives from each of the following groups or organizations:

  1. The LEPC shall:
    • appoint a chairperson
    • establish rules for the committee to operate by including provisions for:
      • public notification of committee activities
      • response to public comments
      • distribution of the emergency plan
    • establish procedures for receiving information
    • establish procedures for processing requests from the public
    • designate a person to serve as a coordinator for information
  2. The LEPC should have completed a comprehensive plan as of October 17, 1988 and shall:
    • review their plan annually
    • evaluate the need for resources to develop, implement and exercise the emergency plan
    • make recommendations with respect to additional resources that may be required and the means for providing such additional resources
    • The LEPC shall submit a copy of the plan to the MERC for review. Note: Each plan shall include the following
      • identification of facilities and transportation routes of extremely hazardous substances
      • identification of possible impacted facilities (hospitals, schools, manufacturers, etc.)
      • methods and procedures to be used by plant operators and local response officials to respond to chemical releases from the covered facilities
      • identification of local emergency and facility coordinators
      • notification and communication procedures
      • methods for determining the occurrence of a release and the impacted area
      • identification of emergency equipment & persons responsible for equipment
      • training plans
      • schedule and method for exercising the emergency pla
  3. The LEPC receives emergency notifications of chemical releases under Section 304 from facilities and transporters.
  4. The LEPC receives Section 311 notices(chemical safety information) and revisions from companies that have materials for which OSHA requires Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). The fire department also receives these notices (Tier II form). If the LEPC receives a Tier II, it can request the MSDS for any of the listed materials. Also, the LEPC shall provide the public a copy of any MSDS on request. If the LEPC does not have the MSDS, it should be requested from the facility and then provided to the requestor.
  5. The LEPC receives Emergency Hazardous Chemical Inventory Forms under Section 312 of the Act from facilities. This information includes estimated amounts of chemical (by category) present at the facility during the preceding year, the average daily amount of chemicals in each category, and the general location of the chemicals.
  6. The LEPC must publish information annually to let the public know where and during what hours information on the following is available: emergency response plans, chemical lists, inventory forms, toxic release forms, and follow-up emergency notices.

NOTE: The Missouri Emergency Response Commission has adopted the "Missouri Tier II Form" to be used for Sections 311 and 312 reporting.


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