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What is Fire Corps?

Fire Corps is the key component of Citizen Corps that supports and supplements resource constrained fire and EMS departments through the use of citizen advocates for non-operational activities. Fire Corps provides information to fire and EMS departments nationwide on how to implement a citizen advocate program and promote it in their community. Fire Corps is coordinated nationally through a collaborative partnership of the International Association of Fire Chiefs’ Volunteer Combination Officers Section, the International Association of Fire Fighters, the National Volunteer Fire Council, and the U.S. Fire Administration.

Focus on FIRE & EMS

Fire and EMS Departments can engage citizens who are interested in assisting the department in a variety of nonoperational activities.


Citizen Corps

Fire Corps is an integral part of Citizen Corps, the Department of Homeland Security’s grass-roots movement that actively involves everyone in making our communities and our nation safer, stronger, and better prepared. All over America, communities have organized Citizen Corps Councils to inspire people to take action and get involved.


Citizen advocates who aid departments in non-operational activities allow first responders to focus their efforts on being prepared for and responding to the most critical, life-threatening situations. Everyone can do something to support their local fire and emergency service departments.
Here are some suggestions gathered from America’s own first responders for possible Fire Corps program activities:

  • During times of heightened national security alerts, assist in planning for quick access to stocks of emergency supplies, shelter readiness, and procedures review
  • Promote fire safety and prevention in schools and homes
  • Develop websites and computer programs for the department
  • Provide back up support during major events when response agencies may be overwhelmed
  • Assist with incident reporting and entering statistical data
  • Help write grant applications
  • Assist with public relations
  • Organize fundraising initiatives
  • Assist with youth mentoring programs
  • Check and install smoke alarms for low income families or for people with disabilities
  • Provide administrative and clerical support
  • Assist with canteen services at major incidents
  • Assist with typing reports, answering telephone calls, managing records, and other office tasks
  • Assist with mitigation measures: wild land vegetation removal near structures, flood proofing, or non-structural earthquake resistant measures
  • Assist community programs, such as roadside cleanup, food drives, and toy collections for families in need
  • Provide foreign language translation of safety literature and outreach materials
  • Help to improve understanding of specialized fire/EMS services such as hazardous materials response, urban search and rescue (USAR), youth services, water/mountain rescue, billing services, etc.
  • Develop informational newsletters to include holiday or seasonal fire safety & prevention messages
  • Members of the faith-based community can provide counseling and other services


To become a Fire Corps member, you must first take the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training Class

Next CERT Class is coming SOON!





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