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Citizen Corps Mission Statement:

The mission of the Citizen Corps Council of Christian County  is to ensure that the county is safe and prepared for
emergencies and disasters, including terrorism, that broadly affect our community, by engaging citizens,
public safety agencies, faith-based groups, civic organizations and other groups in preparedness,
mitigation, response and recovery and working in partnerships with other agencies

Citizen Corps asks you to embrace the personal responsibility to be prepared; to get training in first aid
and emergency skills; and to volunteer to support local emergency responders, disaster relief, and community safety.

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Citizen Corps Members Area


"We want to be a Nation that serves goals larger than self. We have been offered a uniqueopportunity,and we must not let this moment pass."
President George W. Bush
State of the Union, January 29, 2002

Community Preparedness is not the work of any one group. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of
every citizen in every community. The Citizen Corps Council extends an open invitation to all residents
Christian County to join in the movement to enhance safety for us all. Specifically, you can prepare and
participate by focusing on the following areas: 


Yourself: Learn all you can about community preparedness. A good way to start is by reviewing the materials on this Web site and the other links listed on the left side.


Your Family: Make sure your whole family has a preparedness plan covering all contingencies. Download and complete a variety of comprehensive checklists for preparing your family, home, school, neighborhood, or business.



Your Neighborhood: Become active in your neighborhood or homeowners’ association
and review the community preparedness materials for discussion and action. If you do
not belong to an association, meet with a small group of neighbors and share preparedness information with them. Then extend your circle to encompass more neighbors.



photo of Downtown Tucson, Arizona


Your Community: Get involved in community preparedness activities and organizations.

Participating in CERT is a good way to start!!





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